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The difficulty of UV Laser Cutting Machine Manufacturers

China Dongguan Chuangwei Electronic Equipment Manufactory certification
China Dongguan Chuangwei Electronic Equipment Manufactory certification
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Company News
The difficulty of UV Laser Cutting Machine Manufacturers
Latest company news about The difficulty of UV Laser Cutting Machine Manufacturers

"Lack of money" has been hanging on the top of the UV Laser Cutting Machine Manufacturers, whether it is equipment development, or labor costs, need a lot of financial support, in the entire equipment integration industry chain, no matter which link, money They are all extremely important chips. For UV laser cutting machine manufacturers, the pressure of lack of money often comes from customers. After the shipment, the UV Laser Depaneling Equipment often causes the liquidity chain to be tight due to the slow return and difficult payment, which affects the operation of the entire company. . In this way, SMTfly introduces the operation process of UV laser cutting machine manufacturers, introduces the difficulties of laser equipment manufacturers, and hopes to understand each other and develop synergistically.


Most UV laser cutting machine manufacturers are only integrated, some optical devices, mechanical devices, motion, visual devices such as lasers, galvanometers, lenses, beam expanders, linear motors, etc. are all purchased externally, then UV laser cutting machine manufacturers Where is the core technology? How to achieve R&D and production?


The core technology of UV laser cutting machine manufacturers lies in the process basis. According to the variables required by customers, even the process conditions can be adjusted to meet the processing requirements of customers. The core of the UV laser cutting machine manufacturer is to cooperate with the customer's early research and development process, and to continuously improve the customer's process, to form a complete product, so as to achieve equipment sales, and thus achieve a win-win situation for customers in the laser manufacturers.


In this process, we need to provide complete hardware facilities and technical personnel's process capability according to the customer's requirements, and research and development personnel to study light, machine, electricity, software control and other aspects, to provide customers with detailed solutions and methods.


For example, the customer needs to etch the ink products on the glass substrate within the range of 5*5mm. It is necessary to form a certain profile to ensure that the line width is within 7 microns without damaging the glass substrate. Requirements, many can brush a large number of UV laser cutting machine manufacturers, and even some manufacturers said that it can not be achieved, SMTfly team's excellent technology and rich experience, to judge customer requirements is highly feasible, but need to be implemented according to specific conditions. Therefore, communication with customers can be coordinated with customers. Once the R&D is successful, a cooperation agreement needs to be signed. The customer expresses approval, but needs to be controlled within a certain equipment cost range and cannot exceed the budget. After the coordination, Yuanlu Optoelectronics began the directional research and development. Firstly, the high-power ultraviolet laser cutting machine was eliminated. The thermal impact on the small range was relatively large. The line width exceeded 10 microns. After repeated trials and improvements, SMfly selected a new one. 2W, good beam quality, high pulse energy, high repetition rate, wide and narrow UV laser, and 10mm ultra-small telecentric lens, high-pixel camera positioning, high-precision linear motor, to achieve customer demand.


From this case, we can see that as a manufacturer of UV laser cutting machines, it is necessary to adjust the equipment application requirements and targeted research and development fields in time for material characteristics and industry needs. At the same time, we can draw conclusions from the case that, in conjunction with the investment in hardware facilities and process personnel in the research and development phase, the hardware cost of importing high beam quality lasers, ultra-fine imported lenses, high-pixel cameras, high-precision small-format linear motors The investment will require hundreds of thousands, and the invisible will also increase the risk. However, there are several cases in this case, and it is reasonable to lack money.


On the other hand, due to the high market competition pressure, the UV laser cutting machine manufacturers have low gross profit, and some even have less than 40% of gross profit. After deducting labor costs and after-sales costs, the remaining profits are extremely low. It greatly increases the capital chain of UV laser cutting machine manufacturers, affecting the subsequent business. For a laser manufacturer, the business will be difficult.

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