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PCB Punching Machine-The soul of quality exists in ingenuity,PCB Depanelizer Machine

China Dongguan Chuangwei Electronic Equipment Manufactory certification
China Dongguan Chuangwei Electronic Equipment Manufactory certification
The router works fine. I would like to special thanks to you one more time for your support!

—— Ahmet

I was set up your machine one week ago. İt’s good working. Thank you for all.

—— Erdem

The machine operates well, we will purchase it again

—— Jon

The machine works very well, now we train all workers.

—— Michal

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PCB Punching Machine-The soul of quality exists in ingenuity,PCB Depanelizer Machine
Latest company news about PCB Punching Machine-The soul of quality exists in ingenuity,PCB Depanelizer Machine

Many companies do projects, not only emphasizing high quality, but also emphasizing low cost and low investment, but also compressing time and catching up with the schedule. Finally, a good-end project has been made into four different things. The ideal is very full, and the reality is very skinny!
The result of low-cost projects is that the project "deliverables" are of poor quality, which affects the quality of the product produced and does not guarantee a reasonable operating cost.
For the normal operation of the factory, everyone hopes to be profitable and profitable. Where do the benefits and profits come from? Of course, it is to control costs, but to control costs is not to blindly reduce the consumption of raw and auxiliary materials or even reduce the quality of raw and auxiliary materials, nor blindly reduce the inventory of spare parts and equipment maintenance costs, nor blindly reduce the number of laborers, increase labor hours, or even reduce workers' wages.
A company with better management is a place where Wenshan meets the sea every day, one deviation after another, one document after another in the upgrading and training, the huge quality system is busy all day long, but it has nothing to do with the production workshop, and the production workshop is still in order to improve Yield, reduce costs, get up early and stay up late, be a cow and a horse, and work hard!
At the beginning of the year, many enterprises will formulate indicators of "output, sales, cost, and profit", and even each department and every link will issue indicators of "energy saving, consumption reduction, and cost reduction".
If things go on like this, the quality of the products will inevitably not be guaranteed, and leaving the "quality" to pursue the so-called low "cost" is tantamount to "moths to the fire" and self-destruction!
There are also some enterprises with strong strength and deep pockets, who make great efforts in product quality, adopt the most advanced production technology, the most expensive equipment, the most automated control system, and the best quality raw materials in the world, of course. It is understandable, rich and willful!
However, everything is enough, and everything has an optimal price/performance ratio.
You can think about how much of your daily "deviations" are due to inappropriate control strategies, too high internal control quality standards, and too narrow control range of process parameters. Take one rope after another and bind yourself tightly. Tight, it hurts all over the body when I move, the seemingly strict management, in the end, is either a huge loss, or a tightness and a looseness, and finally nothing.
Any quality control is based on quality risks and existing technical means. Of course, we encourage innovation, but we will never blindly and uselessly raise standards. Can the quality be really improved by "emphasizing data integrity, and implementing computer control with audit trail function in the production process and inspection process"?
Without good quality, there will be no good market, without good quality, there will be no good price, without good quality, you can only fall into the quagmire of low-cost and low-price competition, and in the end, there will be no quality, no good Benefit, in the end can only close the door!
So how to establish an effective quality system has always been a difficult problem in front of us.
A good quality system must have quality personnel involved in the process proposal stage, a complete quality team in the process design stage, and quality personnel involved in the GEP implementation process of the entire project construction in order to be able to provide sufficient information for the entire hardware system. Familiar and acquainted.
At the same time, quality personnel should participate in the transfer from R&D to production, process design, product production, and the whole process of subsequent production. Only in this way can they understand the product itself, and understand the control of key quality attributes and key process parameters. Only by understanding the entire process of product quality formation can they do a better job in quality management.
The only task of the daily quality management system is to ensure that the entire factory system is maintained in a verified state, do a good job in daily production process and product quality monitoring, do a good job in reviewing the production process and product quality, do a good job in change control, and do a good job in deviation handling And the implementation of corrective and preventive measures!
To do all of this well, we must first understand scientific knowledge management and quality risk management. Based on the current level of scientific knowledge development and the acceptability of quality risks, we must control all aspects of the "Human-Machine-Material Method" to a "reasonable" level. The level of "showing the lower limit" is not a side ball, nor is it a high-profile performance of "showing affection"!
Quality should be something that penetrates into the soul of every enterprise employee. Every department and everyone should first think of "I produce more than just products, we produce quality attributes"!
When will there be no need for people to supervise people, and everyone can consciously fulfill their quality obligations!
When the inspection results of QC are no longer required, the production staff in each position can proudly say: "The batch I produced must be qualified"!
When is there no need for special quality personnel to deal with quality problems, but to eliminate quality problems at the production site for the first time!
When it is no longer necessary to deal with a large number of deviations, we can foresee all possible risks and possible problems in advance, formulate preventive and corrective measures in advance, and reduce the occurrence of adverse events as much as possible. Plans, there is no need to quarrel every day, and meetings are held every day to study who should report the deviation, whether the deviation should be recorded, and whether it should be disclosed to the inspectors!
In the final analysis, when the "quality system" is still there, but there is no need for special quality personnel, or very few quality personnel, when we only need to do a good job in "production management", and do a good job in serving all aspects of production management, and Without special emphasis on "quality management", the quality of our products will be more guaranteed!


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latest company news about PCB Punching Machine-The soul of quality exists in ingenuity,PCB Depanelizer Machine  0

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