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PCB De-panel Separator manufacturers Experience Sharing PCB Depanelizer Machine

China Dongguan Chuangwei Electronic Equipment Manufactory certification
China Dongguan Chuangwei Electronic Equipment Manufactory certification
The router works fine. I would like to special thanks to you one more time for your support!

—— Ahmet

I was set up your machine one week ago. İt’s good working. Thank you for all.

—— Erdem

The machine operates well, we will purchase it again

—— Jon

The machine works very well, now we train all workers.

—— Michal

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Company News
PCB De-panel Separator manufacturers Experience Sharing PCB Depanelizer Machine
Latest company news about PCB De-panel Separator manufacturers Experience Sharing PCB Depanelizer Machine

In order to improve the production efficiency and quality of PCB boards, many electronic product manufacturers often choose to use PCB Depanelizer Equipment. But many people don't know how to choose a PCB Depanelizer Machine, even thinking that all the PCBs can be cut regardless of the PCB Depanelizer Machine. In fact, there are many different types of PCB boards, and different board machines are required for different PCB boards.

First of all, if it is a linear cutting PCB board, you can choose the knife type Separation and Machine picture like as below;



The knife-type Separation is suitable for PCB board division with double-sided components. It is suitable for cutting substrates of various glass fiber boards, FR4 boards, paper substrates and the like. Adopting the straight knife design under the upper round knife, the v-cut is placed on the lower straight knife when the cutting board is cut, the circuit board does not move, the upper circular knife moves the cutting board, the stress is relatively small, and the cutting plate mode of the plate moving motion is also effective. Avoid bumps during circuit board splitting to avoid problems such as dark injuries and component damage. Rapidly improve production efficiency and quality.


If it is a relatively small board, the PCB board design is simple, but it is very thin. It is recommended to choose a type PCB Depanelizer machine like as below.


The type PCB Depanelizer machine adopts the latest gas-electric type lightweight design, which can complete the stress-free boarding operation at one time. It is especially suitable for cutting precision SMD or thin plate; bow wave and micro crack generated when there is no round knife type plate. The wedge tool linear segment is used to minimize the plate stress, the plate burr is less, and the edge is flatter,smooth.


In addition, if your board is irregular, stamp hole or bridge type PCB board, it is recommended to use curve board machine; automatic board machine, curve board machine is to use high speed milling cutter, servo drive will be connected Chip PCB, device separated by pre-programmed path, replaces manual break or V-CUT or PUSH cutting shortage to improve product quality, reduce scrap rate, high cutting precision, long service life, good cutting quality, no dust It has no burrs, low stress, and is safe and convenient, which can quickly improve production efficiency.

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