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Do you know which supplier of PCB Laser Marking Machine replaces PCB inkjet printer?

China Dongguan Chuangwei Electronic Equipment Manufactory certification
China Dongguan Chuangwei Electronic Equipment Manufactory certification
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Do you know which supplier of PCB Laser Marking Machine replaces PCB inkjet printer?
Latest company news about Do you know which supplier of PCB Laser Marking Machine replaces PCB inkjet printer?

Comparison of advantages and disadvantages between Laser Marking and Ink Coding Machine


Laser Marking Machine and inkjet printer are widely used in PCB board surface coding. As an alternative to inkjet printer, laser coding machine is the main equipment for future product traceability marking of SMT industry. The advantages and disadvantages of some laser coders and ink printers are listed below.


1. QR code marking effect


Laser Marking Machine: The identification information is directly laser engraved on the surface of the product. The marking can be scribed and dot matrix. The visual effect of the marking is unique. The marking is clear and permanent, and cannot be erased and changed. The scanning rate is high and the minimum radium can be obtained. Carved 0.8*0.8mm QR code. Inkjet printers: the marking effect is also very clear, but easy to erase and change or corrode. Generally use ink jet printer, the size of the spray code is limited, the minimum support 3 * 3mm two-dimensional code (individual can achieve 2.5 * 2.5mm)


2. Working status


The laser marking machine adopts online high-speed laser engraving, which has high production efficiency. It can be static large-format laser engraving one-dimensional code or two-dimensional code identification. It can laser engrave different color PCB substrates, and the minimum laser engraving 0.8*0.8mm two-dimensional code. The ink jet printer can only print one by one, and is also applicable to a variety of color PCB substrates, but can not spray black and white ink at the same time, the white ink machine can not spray black oil, the black oil machine can not spray white oil. Some printers may have ink clogging nozzles that affect production. As a result, repair and maintenance costs have increased significantly, and ink consumables are no small expense.


3. Flexibility


Laser marking machine: The content of laser engraving can include serial code, batch number, barcode, QR code, logo and pattern, etc. The coding rules can also be arbitrary variables. The number of print lines and font size are not limited. Ink printer: barcode, batch number and simple pattern can be used, and the number of print lines and font size are limited.


4. Reliability


Laser marking machine: stable and reliable performance, continuous operation all day. Maintenance-free time is up to 30,000 hours. Inkjet printer: The performance is basically stable, but the failure rate is relatively high. The nozzle will be blocked due to changes in ambient temperature and humidity and dust. The maintenance workload is large and is greatly affected by the environment. In terms of equipment reliability, the laser marking machine is slightly better.


5. Operational use


Laser marking machine: Intuitive window software (Windows + laser engraving machine software), display interface resolution is high, the picture is clear. Make the creation and editing of tag information convenient and fast. Inkjet printer: simple display interface and low resolution. The print information can only be easily edited and used as a production date printing device.


6. Initial cost


Laser marking machine: The one-time purchase price is higher, and the later use cost is very low. Ink inkjet printer: The one-time purchase price is lower, but the inkjet printer consumables are a long-term use cost, and the maintenance cost and maintenance cost are not cheap.


7. Operating costs


Laser marking machine: The operating cost is extremely low, and the unplanned shutdown is eliminated. The equipment can be operated without maintenance for a long time without any consumables and zero operating costs. Inkjet printer: The printer consumes a large amount of special inks and solvents, and the amount of consumables is large. In addition, the replacement of nozzles and other accessories is costly, requires special maintenance personnel, and will stop production without any plans, resulting in indirect losses. The cost of consumables for a printer is between 20,000 and 50,000/year/set.


8. Data processing capabilities

Laser marking machine: The control host directly adopts the industrial control computer, which has powerful data processing capability and can connect all MES systems to meet the needs of multi-level customers. Inkjet printer: It adopts single-chip control, limited data processing capability and few functions.


9. Environmental safety


Laser marking machine: It is an environmentally-friendly high-tech product that does not produce any substances harmful to the environment and the human body, and produces surface marks on objects to be printed. It has been widely used in the production of food and medicine. Meet the GB7247-87; GB10320-88 standard. However, laser engraving produces smoke and can generally be treated with a smoke evacuation system.


Ink jet printer: Ink and solvent are highly volatile substances, which will produce more chemical and toxic residues and pollute the environment. In addition, the chemical composition and odor of inks and solvents are completely infiltrated into the object to be marked, and are gradually replaced by products internationally.


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